It is Bladon's intent to demonstrate an ongoing and determined commitment to improving Health & Safety at work throughout our organisation by active Health and Safety leadership and workforce engagement. Bladon will provide adequate information and training to ensure management teams will deliver the policy and its objectives.

The overall responsibility for Health & Safety at Bladon MT is vested in the COO, who in their absence, delegates responsibility to the Head of HSQE.

Bladon will:

  • Ensure all employees are aware that working safely is a condition of their employment.
  • Operate within a formal Health & Safety policy and system framework.
  • Provide an effective process of assurance which is integrated into the businesses decision making.
  • Identify, eliminate and/or reasonably mitigate Health & Safety risks to employees and stakeholders.
  • Promote a philosophy of continuous improvement regarding Health & Safety.
  • Comply with applicable Health & Safety legislation.
  • Provide a formal system to encourage all employees to report any Health & Safety concerns or improvement opportunities.
  • Ensure employees are empowered to stop/delay any activity they deem to be unsafe.
  • Provide a cross functional forum to communicate, consult and improve Health & safety topics including performance against target driven metrics.
  • Bladon will strive to ensure that supply chain colleagues operate an effective Health & Safety policy and associated arrangements.
  • Communicate this policy with employees, stakeholders, business partners and supply chain colleagues.
  • Review this policy on an annual basis or following legislative or major organisational changes.