Bladon announced as the winner of the Vodafone Renewable Energy Challenge

24 February 2023

Bladon, a leading provider of innovative and sustainable energy solutions, has been announced as the winner of the Vodafone Renewable Energy Challenge. The company was selected from a pool of competitive entries and recognised for its outstanding contribution towards the promotion of renewable energy solutions across the world. 

The Vodafone Renewable Energy Challenge was launched with the aim of identifying and supporting promising start-ups that are driving the transition to renewable energy solutions. The competition was open to all businesses with a focus on sustainable energy propositionsand Bladon stood out among the other entrants with its unique and cutting-edge solutions.

bladon application

Bladon’s technology is centred on the development of small-scale gas turbines that generate electricity for a variety of applications, including remote and off-grid locations. The company's turbines are clean, efficient and cost-effective, and can be deployed in a range of environments.

Winning the Vodafone Renewable Energy Challenge is a testament to Bladon's expertise and innovative approach to renewable energy. This recognition will go a long way in enhancing the company's reputation and expanding its reach to new markets.

We are thrilled to be selected as the winners of the Vodafone Renewable Energy Challenge," said Philip Lelliott, CEO of Bladon. "This recognition is a validation of the hard work put in by our team in developing cutting-edge, sustainable energy solutions that are transforming the world.

Bladon's win is a significant milestone in the renewable energy sector and serves as an inspiration to other start-ups to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in the industry. 

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