200 Bladon Micro Turbine Generators for the Philippines

22 June 2022

Bladon Micro Turbine, the UK manufacturer of Micro Turbine gensets (MTG), has secured orders for 200 MTGs from connectivity system integrator One Commerce, its exclusive partner in the Philippines. The first MTG has been installed at an off-grid telecom tower site, close to a residential area in Northern Luzon, where it is delivering reduced maintenance costs, lower noise emissions and improved air quality for the surrounding area.

With more than 27,000 telecom towers across the Philippines, serving three mobile networks and seven active TowerCos, it is difficult to maintain coverage across an archipelago of 7,107 islands and 100 million people. Thousands of sites have relied on traditional diesel generators to provide round the clock power, but these are often on islands that are difficult to reach.

They can be costly to run, or impossible to access, due to extreme weather events. Instability in the grid effects telecoms and all other markets relying on constant power. Bladon’s MTG, with its microturbine technology, eliminates the need for frequent service visits, reduces fuel costs and delivers reliable power in a quiet, clean manner.

OneCommerce staff
OneCommerce staff working from left to right: Randy Bersamina, Kevin Alway (Bladon), Kim Faltado, Constancio Castro, Hombre Cruz, Chelitolindo Escarole

“Bladon’s fuel-flexible approach, in being able to use low or no-carbon fuels, reducing travel for servicing and operating in a clean, quiet way to reduce the impact on nearby residents, is a perfect combination for our teams to deliver to many markets, not just telecoms in the Philippines

“Furthermore, we have enabled our customers to reactivate once dormant telecom towers, that were too noisy and obtrusive to nearby residents. This is a true win-win for our customers and their subscribers, who benefit from better network coverage.”

“We are privileged to have such a great partner in One Commerce. We have been working with them for over a year to ensure all the right support teams and applications, marketing and promotional effort has been planned for mutual success,” said Philip Lelliott, Director of Bladon Micro Turbine

The modular design and patented technology of a Bladon MTG delivers reliable power, with a reduced carbon footprint. With all companies concentrating on mitigating climate change and its effects, adopting environmentally-friendly machinery leads to lower operating cost and reduced emissions contributions.

See for yourself, with a scheduled demonstration of the Bladon MTG. Visit www.onecommerce.com.ph or follow One Commerce (Int’l) Corporation on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.

About Bladon:

Bladon Micro Turbine is a pioneer in the design, development, engineering and manufacture of micro turbine gensets (MTGs). Combining world-renowned British engineering and advanced manufacturing capabilities with its proprietary patented technologies, the company is the world’s first manufacturer of micro turbine gensets for the telecoms market. The Bladon MTG is produced at the company’s new engineering and manufacturing facility in Leamington Spa, at the heart of British engineering excellence.

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