The Bladon MTG12 Micro Turbine Genset powers away in South Africa

24 January 2019
Written by Stuart Kelly

The Bladon MTG12 left our Coventry factory and travelled over 5,000 miles to South Africa, where there are over 30,000 towers. We are only starting here in South Africa to address some key challenges that telecom tower owners have with delivering efficient continuous energy to these towers. Unreliable electricity grids require that nearly every tower needs a backup source of power. Combining a reliable set of our Micro Turbine Genset married with a fuel tank that can take either diesel, kerosene (cheaper fuel), or a mixture (eliminating fuel theft) brings a unique way of reducing a tower network’s operating costs without drastic changes in supply chain or configuration.


Consider the colossal challenge involved with servicing thousands of diesel gensets on thousands of towers, some in very remote locations. Anything that can contribute to reducing or eliminating visits to these sites is paramount. Bladon’s MTG needs attention only every 8000 run hours or once a year – which leads to thousands of kilometres eliminated from a service technician’s truck roll.

After installation at the base of the tower, the MTG12 underwent rigorous testing.

testing mtg
SA Tower

Did you know that the black box under the MTG is the fuel tank? It can hold 1,000 liters of diesel or (cheaper) kerosene or a mix of any proportion. That’s fuel flexibility!!

workers resting during tests
The team enjoying the shade of the tower on a hot South African afternoon during testing
mtg side

Many sites use multiple sources for power, solar power during the day and the MTG at night when it can run mover efficiently in the cool air and is super quiet so won’t annoy the neighbours.

telecom tower
Lock it and leave it - our telecom tower partner can now enjoy up to 8,000 hour service intervals
The MTG12 in situ
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