Could hybrid micro-generation power the EV revolution?

16 July 2019
Written by Stuart Kelly

Last month, our very own Chief Engineer Neil Robson featured in The Engineer discussing the future of the UK energy landscape, and the role that micro-grids and local generation could play in that. 

His piece, which is available on The Engineer website, highlights the potential problems that the existing grid infrastructure could face in an increasingly electrified future. He highlights factors such as the inevitable and rapid rise of the electric vehicle, creating mobile and unpredictable spikes in activity on the grid as well as unprecedented levels of demand. 

Bladon MTG Turbine Alternator
Bladon MTG Turbine Alternator – the heart of our distributed power solution

At Bladon, we believe that what Neil has highlighted is a real and genuine risk. But we also believe we are part of the solution. The Bladon MTG provides a cost effective, reliable and clean option to deliver power where it’s needed, when it’s needed. 

off-grid telecom site in South Africa
Bladon MTG powering an off-grid telecom site in South Africa

While we are currently focusing our product on the global telecoms tower market, we have always known that the broader distributed power market would provide an opportunity for our pioneering design to have a real impact.

As Neil says in the article, “Britain’s existing grid infrastructure is not ready for the increased demand that it faces, nor able to cope with the change in methods of generation. Changes need to be made to avoid significant risks of failure.”

Bladon is well positioned to drive that change.

  • Neil Robson

    Neil Robson

    Chief Engineer

    Neil has twenty-eight years of experience developing complex systems for leading international companies including Rolls-Royce, BMW and Tata Motors, managing teams of engineers from a wide range of specialist areas, from research through to production. He is experienced in working internationally and joins Bladon most recently from Changan where he was Group Chief Engineer based in the UK R&D centre, and Capability Lead for Powertrain Controls and Calibration in China.

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